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The aroma of the coffee always brings me back to my family and to the gatherings around the table. We even had a ceremony to have coffee. My grandfather César Paparoni Dávila was the first one to bring the Gaggia Espresso Machines to Venezuela, for that reason, you could always find an espresso in our kitchen.

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CARACAS21 august

SCA Introduction To Coffee

CARACAS22 august

SCA Barista Skills Foundation

CARACAS23 august

SCA Brewing Foundation

CARACAS30 august

Coffee In Good Spirits

CARACAS03,04 september

SCA Brewing Intermediate

CARACAS05,06 september

SCA Barista Skills Intermediate

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CARACAS11, 12, 13 september

SCA Barista Skills Professional

CARACAS24, 25, 26 september

SCA Brewing Professional

Certifications and courses

If you are interested in knowing about the fascinating world of coffee, its history, and the skills that a true Barista must develop, you can’t miss the courses I’ll be giving.

Agt 21-23, 30 Sep, 3-6, 11-13, 24-26

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