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As a barista and certified SCA trainer, I can tell you that the coffee world is fascinating, with many possibilities to do entrepreneurship and to open new doors within our country and abroad. If you are interested in knowing about the fascinating world of coffee, its history, and learning the skills that a true Barista must develop, you can’t miss the courses I’ll be giving.

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  • Dorta Daniel
    "Thanks for giving your knowledge without selfishness. Believe me, I'll make the most of your recommendations"
    Dorta Daniel
  • Yuri Ferrioli
    "I want to thank you for such an excellent experience. The course was very educational, with very interesting content. Gustavo has exemplary human qualities. It's a worldwide recognized course"
    Yuri Ferrioli
  • Juan Santiago Hernández
    "After a lot of coffee, the 'Barista Skills Intermediate' certification has been completed with the master @gustavopaparoni. Thanks for everything, teacher. Excellent course, and I'm thankful for all your dedication and patience. Fully recommended"
    Juan Santiago Hernández
  • José Manuel González
    "I'm just very happy with the Barista @gustavopaparoni for this experience, which I recommend to all coffee lovers. Soon, we'll be taking the Intermediate course. Thanks, Gustavo, for sharing your knowledge and passion for the pleasure of a cup of coffee."
    José Manuel González
  • Manuel Pacheco
    "There is no doubt that it was an excellent course… Thanks for sharing the knowledge with such dedication!"
    Manuel Pacheco
  • Deivis Escalante
    "A great person @gustavopaparoni. I had many expectations about this course here in Miami, and I can tell you, with full sincerity, that it was a complete sucess and it was a great pleasure to have spent time with good people such as @tavox @rubiaintencion and @edithpazg, knowledge and passion for coffee. Thank you very much!"
    Deivis Escalante
  • Rosangela González
    "I'm very thankful for the opportunity of learning the basic and positive aspects of this fascinating coffee world. I like it! I fully reccomend the Barista Skills Foundation Course."
    Rosangela González
  • Norelys Zerpa
    "I took the Barista Skills Foundation Course and that day was an incredible day. I'm very happy for the opportunity. It was a very complete course. I realized that the coffee world is larger than what I thought. This is the first step towards knowing a whole new world. Thank you, Gustavo Paparoni."
    Norelys Zerpa
  • Joandry Rodrigues
    "I'm very happy with my International Certification issued by the SCA. Thanks to master Gustavo Paparoni. I'm proud to have been taught by such an excellent human being and outstanding professional"
    Joandry Rodrigues
  • Daniel Da Silva
    "An excellent experience with Gustavo Paparoni. It was my first time in front of an espresso machine and the result was the best coffee I have tried in my life"
    Daniel Da Silva