Cursos y certificaciones online SCA paparoni

The barista craft is a fascinating craft that has witnessed a rise in popularity in Venezuela, as well as in the rest of the world. Coffee is a universal beverage (the second most consumed beverage after water). There are hundreds of years of tradition and history behind coffee, a millenary infusion that connects us in different ways and experiences.

Being a barista is a passport that opens many doors. The international certifications issued by the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) are renowned worldwide as they are given by the highest authority and world leader on coffee education.

As a barista and AST (Authorised SCA Trainer), I meet the demands of the organization that governs us worldwide and I contribute with my own experience so that my students get the inspiration to achieve excellence at the time of preparing coffee. My courses comply with the criteria outlined by the Coffee Diploma System.

Each module consists of three levels: basic, intermediate and professional.

Barista Skills Foundation

Duration: 1 Day – From 09.00 to 18.00 (8 hours)

Addressed to coffee lovers and gastronomic entrepreneurs. No previous experience required.

This is a course for people focused on familiarizing themselves with the key tools for adjusting a coffee grinder, preparing espresso and steaming milk for cappuccinos.

This module allows you to get a deep knowledge about coffee and acquire and improve your milk steaming technique. You will also learn essential aspects of hygiene, security, maintenance and cleaning, and the basic business aspects.

  • The coffee bean
  • Workspace
  • Grind, dosing and tamping
  • Extraction and preparation
  • Milk techniques
  • Barista menu
  • Hygiene and security
  • Customer service
  • Maintenance and cleaning

Brewing Foundation

Duration: 1 day, from 09.00 to 18.00 (8 hours)

This course introduces you to the different ways of preparing coffee, from the V60 method to the Chemex, Aeropress, Clever and French Press methods.

This course can be taken in three different levels: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional.

  • Introduction to coffee
  • Basic preparation aspects
  • Preparation methods

Barista Skills Intermediate

Duration: 2 days – From 09.00 to 19.00 (18 academic hours)

This course teaches an in-depth knowledge of the essential aspects of coffee and allows for the consolidation of the technical skills learned in the basic level, including steaming and latte art techniques.

It is advisable to have Basic Barista knowledge when taking this course.

  • The coffee bean
  • Workspace
  • Grind, dosing and tamping
  • Preparation and extraction
  • Milk techniques and latte art
  • Barista menu
  • Hygiene and security
  • Customer service
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Business aspects

Brewing Intermediate

Duration: 2 days - From 09.00 to 19.00 (18 academic hours)

This is a very practical course that allows you to learn how to analyze your degree of grind and to adjust the grind according to the preparation method. You will also learn how to scientifically measure the coffee strength and how to make graphics of the coffee extraction.

  • Grind
  • Effects of roasting on coffee
  • History of methods
  • Preparation process
  • Basic preparation aspects
  • Extraction graphics